Saturday, March 3, 2012

Anglers Choice, El Capitan, 03.03.12

Today, Stewart Lee and I were competing in the Anglers Choice Bass Tournament at El Capitan Reservior in San Diego Caifornia. We were lucky enough to have a full limit of 5 fish when we had to weigh in an hour early due to a dead battery.
We still brought in the biggest fish of the tournament at 5.14 lbs and had a total weight of 22.43 lbs, which landed us 1st Place!
Our big fish was caugh on the Huddleston, but the rest of our limit was caught on my Trip-Jig.
In fact, we brought in over 30 fish today on the Trip-Jig!
Many other boats had success with that lure as well.

Great Day!

Bass Federation, Otay Lake, 2.26.12

Last minute decision to fish the Bass Federation series this year. It is a random draw and I was partnered with Mel Williams, a long time friend and previous tourney partner. We knew we would be a good match.
We went out in my boat, fishing together on one boat, but competing as individuals.
I came in with a limit (5 fish) and Mel brought in 3 fish.

My big fish was a bed fish weighing 5.15lbs
I finished 4th overal with 11.70 lbs.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

WON Bass, El Capitan, 02.04.12

On Saturday, Cameron Smith and I fished El Capitan Lake in the WON Bass team fishing tournament.

I went out Friday to pre-fish and found fish using the Trip-Jig, but there was no bite Saturday for me. Cameron was able to catch a few on his new underspin that he's developing for LS Custom Fishing. With all of this, we took first place with 17.21 lbs, with our big fish being 4.32lbs.

Big bass of the tourney was 6.38lbs. caught by Stan Hendrixs on the Trip-Jig.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Otay Lake, 01.28.12 ABA Tournament

Today we won 1st place in the American Bass Association (ABA) Team Tournament held at Otay Lake in Chula Vista, Cailfornia.
There were only a handful of boats that participated, as fishing has been tough for most at the lake this month. But, as you have seen from my other posts, I have been catching a lot of fish, and big fish too.
So, weighing in with a full limit and a total of 23.22lbs. Our largest fish was 6.04lbs.
This landed us first place.

My partner and I, Stewart Lee, are still in the lead for Anglers of the Year of this series.

Our biggest competition is always Cameron Smith and today was no different.
I fish with him in a few other series, but in ABA he fishes sith Chuck Lavenge. 
Today they did well, bringing in only 4 fish. They made up for that with a hog that was 8.42lbs, getting them Big Fish of the tourney.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Otay Lake, 01.25.12

My arch nemisis bait has always been the Huddleston.
Today, I won.

Check out the 11lb 7oz hog I caught today. She was 27 3/8" L by 20 3/8" girth.

Looks like we will have two mounts in our house soon!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today I was pre-fishing at Otay Lake and reeled in two of my biggest catches ever!

Around 10am, I caught a 8lb'er out of the tullies. I was elated. (My biggest fish ever was just under 10lbs, so an 8 is right up there!!)

Then, in the early afternoon, I was lucky enough to have the fishing God's shine on me, and I brought a 10lb 14oz beauty to the boat. It was 26 1/8"L, 20 5/8" girth.

I took so many photos, and hope to have a replica mount someday soon!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today the Trip-Jig was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper. The sports section ran a collumn on the alabama rig or as it is also known. the umbrella rig. I was even named specifically, with a shout out to my local retailer, Anglers Arsenal.

Check out the entire article here.

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